Tony Evers: Too Extreme on Abortion

Tony Evers’ views on abortion are extreme.  Most Wisconsinites, whether pro-life or pro-choice, believe there should be reasonable restrictions on abortion to protect the health and safety of women and their unborn children, but Tony Evers doesn’t think there should be any limits at all.

Evers’ candidacy has been endorsed by a radical pro-abortion group which supports abortion on demand up to the moment of birth paid for by taxpayers.

Tony Evers

Democratic pro-abortion extremist
  • Evers vetoed legislation requiring life-saving medical care be provided to babies who survive abortions. That’s right. Evers believes a baby who survives and abortion should be left to die.

  • Evers vetoed legislation to stop taxpayers from footing the bill for abortions.

  • Evers vetoed legislation requiring abortion providers to inform women that chemical abortions could be reversed after the first dose.

  • Evers vetoed legislation stopping abortions undertaken on the basis of race, gender or disability.

  • Evers is endorsed by radical pro-abortion groups who oppose all limits on abortion, including for barbaric partial birth abortion.

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