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Stand on Abortion?

Won't Support Any Restrictions on Abortion

Even when babies can survive outside the womb

'That is a decision that should be made by the woman.'

– Bernie Sanders tells NBC host Chuck Todd there should be no legal restrictions on abortion

Bernie Sanders opposes legislation that would protect babies after five months of pregnancy, a point by which science shows they are capable of feeling pain.1 He has voted more than five times against bills that would protect babies from partial-birth or late-term abortions.2 Sanders does not believe any restrictions on abortion should be in place3 and that women should be permitted to get an abortion up until birth.

Refuses to Protect Born-Alive Abortion Survivors

We’re talking about living, breathing babies who have already been born…

Voted Against Protecting Babies Born Alive During Abortion

On February 25, 2019, Bernie Sanders helped block a vote on the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act.4 This bill would ensure babies who survive an abortion are given the same medical attention a baby born at the same age would receive.

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Will Force Taxpayers to Pay for Abortions

'Not only will I, that's how i voted my entire life.'

– Bernie Sanders responds when asked if he would commit to abolishing the Hyde Amendment

Bernie Sanders is an opponent of the Hyde Amendment,5 having voted against it several times, and wants to repeal it as soon as possible. He also plans to have “Medicare for All,” which would include taxpayer funding of abortion.6

Will Force US Taxpayers to Pay for Abortions in Other Countries

U.S. should fund abortions 'especially in poor countries'

– Bernie Sanders when asked how he would “curb population growth” to “avert climate catastrophe”

Bernie opposes the Mexico City policy and the Helms Amendment, which forbid the use of U.S. aid money to fund abortions. At CNN’s climate town hall, he called the Mexico City policy “totally absurd” in response to a question about “the need to curb population growth.” In his answer he stressed the importance of ending it to make abortion available, especially in “poorer countries.” 7 Bernie has also said that he would permanently repeal the Helms Amendment if elected. 8

% Pro-Abortion
Bernie Sanders enjoys 100% lifetime ratings from leading abortion lobby groups