Where do the 2020

Presidential Candidates

Stand on Abortion?

Who are the Democratic candidates?

Where do the top-polling Democratic presidential candidates stand on abortion?


Flip-flops on forcing taxpayers to fund abortions


Rated 100% pro-abortion by Planned Parenthood

What are the big issues?

Taxpayer-Funded Abortions

Taxpayer-Funded Abortions

Should Americans be Forced to Pay for Abortions With Their Tax Dollars?

Born-Alive Abortions

Born-Alive Abortions

Should babies who survive an abortion attempt receive medical care?

Late-Term Abortions

Late-Term Abortions

Science shows babies can feel pain as early as 20 weeks

What is President Trump's Record?

Most Pro-Life President. Ever.

From Supreme Court justices, to defunding Planned Parenthood, President Trump has secured the title of most pro-life president in U.S. history.
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