Candidates: At a Glance

Governor Ron DeSantis

Current Governor of Florida
  • Governor Ron DeSantis supports reasonable limitations on abortion

  • Governor Ron DeSantis believes parents must give consent before their daughter under the age of 18 may get an abortion

  • Governor Ron DeSantis will prohibit late-term abortions when science shows an unborn child can feel pain

Senator Marco Rubio

Current Senator for Florida
  • Senator Marco Rubio supports reasonable limits on abortion

  • Senator Marco Rubio supports limits on late-term abortion after 20 weeks when unborn babies can feel excruciating pain

  • Senator Marco Rubio supports requiring that babies who survive abortions be provided with life-saving medical care

  • In the Senate, Marco Rubio helped confirm over 200 judges who follow the Constitution

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Photo Credits: Joe Biden: Marc Nozell